What We Do

Cognate Systems

Cognate Systems Company Limited is an Information Technology company in Ghana which is dedicated to improving the performance of businesses with tailor-made software solutions. Our range of business solutions and techniques give businesses more leverage using today's technology, thereby boosting productivity. Our primary objective is help businesses to utilize modern technology in a way that makes them function more efficiently.

Our Philosophy

Our solutions development philosophy is simple. That is, technology can and must work for the user. In line with this belief, our three-pronged approach to any project is as follows:
  1. Firstly, we seek to gain a thorough understanding of how our client is currently operating and why. We strongly believe that each company conducts its business in a certain manner for peculiar reasons. An understanding of this is important to ensure that a solution that suits them is developed.
  2. Next, we assemble technologies together and fashion out the perfect cocktail of technologies that will achieve the best solution for our clients.
  3. On the foundation of these technologies, a solution is then designed, developed and integrated smoothly in their business operations.

Our Software Products


Romity is a data aggregation and analysis platform that makes it extremely easy to collect data and, almost instantly, turn it into actionable information. The Romity Platform is a complete set of tools that enable any organization conduct surveys and polls and harness the power business intelligence in an effortless manner. It offers a unique system which puts into your hands greater control over the speed of data acquisition and the sources of critical business intelligence data. Cognate Systems has recently release a major update which extends Romity to SMS and USSD. This makes it easier to integrate Romity into existing services of businesses to enhance customer feedback analysis.


Built on our robust Romity Data Aggregation Servie and the USSD (Unstructured, Supplementary Service Data) mobile technoloby, Opine is a service which makes it possible to engage your customers and audience directly on their mobile phones. With Romity, you can request feedback from your clients, run polls and surveys. Opine also allows you to also collects data from users without them having to fill forms. The power of Opine stems from the ability to engage with anyone with a GSM phone or mobile device. It does not have to be a high-end smartphone.


CMIS (Church Management Information System) is web-based software system for efficient Church administration. It includes modules for management of church member, department and volunteer groups, events and activities, tithes and pledges, automated implicit relationship between members, SMS and EMAIL notifications, reporting and comprehensive system logs.


RecruitCenter is a compressive, well integrated recruitment management system devoted to streamlining the business processes of any recruitment or job placement agency. It is made up of tools and components that help you reach out to many more job seekers; find the right individuals for each job opening; and track revenue that comes from the recruitment process. RecruitCenter also possesses a Document Repository for storing CVs and other documents in an electronic format. Also the robust database that comes with RecruitCenter provides adequate capacity to store millions of records of information.

Other Services and Competencies

  • Software And Web Systems Engineering
  • Software Applications Implementation and Integration
  • Intelligent Systems Engineering using efficient software algorithms and modern methodologies such as Big Data, Map-Reduce and Machine Learning.
  • Microsoft .Net, Java, Android, Linux Platforms
  • Mobile Software Development Apps Development
  • Mobility Integration in business-client transactions using SMS, USSD and related technologies
  • Post-Implementation Reviews