Tools and Software

Romity Architecture
Romity is composed of the following components:
  1. Romity Data Store

    Romity Data Store is a cloud-based database that stores data as it is aggregated by Romity.

  2. Romity Server

    Romity Server is a cloud-based web service which manages Romity Surveys and Forms as they are deployed via Romity App, SMS and USSD services

  3. Romity REST Service

    The REST service is the web service which controls the interaction between Romity App and the Romity Server.

  4. Romity USSD Service

    The USSD service is the web service which controls the interaction between Opine and the Romity Server.

  5. Romity Manager

    Romity Manager is used to deploy romity surveys or forms on the Romity Server. Once deployed, Romity Manager is used to keep a firm grip on access to the surveys, view the aggregated datasets, manage quotas (for field surveys), visualize the data (on graphs, charts and maps) and export the data for further analysis. See more features

  6. Romity Designer

    Romity Designer is the tools for creating surveys and forms for Romity. All designed surveys can be tested in Romity Designer before they are deployed on the server. See more features

  7. Romity App

    Field agents or interviewers can use the Romity App on tablet devices capture data during surveys. This eliminates the use of paper and pen for interviewers. All data captures using Romity App is uploaded to the server as soon as the survey is complete. Romity App can also work in "offline" mode, making it possible to work in places which lack Internet connectivity. Data captured in offline mode can be batch-uploaded to the server once internet connection is restored. See more features

  8. Opine

    Opine is an innovative service which extends Romity to work on any GSM phone. Opine runs over USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data), sending surveys (or forms) and receiving responses the audience (respondents) via their mobile phones. This opens up several opportunities to reach, interact and get feedback directly from your clients on amy mobile phone they use. See more features