Romity is a powerful platform for designing forms or surveys, deploying over several channels and analysing responses in real-time. Eliminate the use of paper and pen in collecting data from your audience. Using their mobile phones and tablet devices, data can be collected and submitted to you in real-time.

Romity gives you more control and options. Romity is highly versatile to meet any type of data aggregation project: from simple polls to specialized studies, for user forms to large, complex surveys.

Design our forms or survey once, deploy over many channels. Channels include Romity Apps, Short Messaging Service(SMS) and USSD. For a single survey, data can be received from all these channels concurrently. These multiple channels also means you can reach out to your audience or respondents directly on their mobile phones, or have interviewers go out to meet respondents.

Get to know what respondents are thinking as they think. You achieve more by using Romity Dashboard to analyse data as it streams in from respondents. Regardless of the channel over which the Romity Survey or Forms is deployed, data is aggregated in the same way.

It is easy to use Romity with other data tools. Romity allows you to export aggregated data in the form you need to widely used data files formats such as Comma-Separated Values (CSV) text files and Microsoft Excel files. These can be easily imported in to other data analysis tools such as SPSS.

Enrich the value of your data with location information. Romity gives you the option to geo-tag your data with GPS location information. Maps integrated in the Romity tools would help you visualize the geographical sources of data submitted by users.