Using Opine

Examples of ways you can use Opine

It is a great way to gather information from clients at their convenience. For example, clients can update their personal details simply simple dialing a shortcode. Companies can also use it to gather business intelligence from clients in order to better serve them.

A church or conference organizer can use this service to register participants or gather feedback just before, during or after a conference. The Opt-in feature means that the participants can initiate the survey directly on their own phones. This eliminates the need for the church or conference organizer to have the phone numbers of all the participants of the event beforehand.

Opine can be used to engage and gather inputs or contributions from viewers or listeners in a manner that can be measured and analyzed. For example, a Radio talk show host can ask listeners to take part in a survey concerning a hot social issue or any subject matter.

With this service, it is easy to evaluate the impact of a training or workshop. Participants can be sent the evaluation forms via the service. Their data is then collected and analyzed instantly.

Groups with large following can use the service whenever it becomes necessary to collect the views of its members (opinion polls).

For a restaurant or hotel, this can used to collect feedback from clients after they use the service. It a great tool to assist them maintain their service quality or identify areas of improvement.

Opine can be used as a voting platform. Voters can simply text their candidates of choice to the system and all the counting is done automatically on the server. The votes are then tallied in real-time. Each voter will be entitled to one vote.