Opine Advantage

Benefits in using Opine

With Opine, you can easily gain access to not only your customers, or existing audience, but to virtually any one with a mobile phone. This significantly expands your targetable pool. This access to a larger audience means your data is much closer to being a true reflection of the larger population.

Most people are used to USSD usage (e.g. recharge mobile units on a phone). Hence, people generally need no instructions to enable them respond to your survey. It’s highly intuitive and perfectly suited for reaching wide audiences.

No more guess work! Now you can conduct your own survey at the speed of thought. There is no need spending hours or days trying to figure out what your targeted audience is expecting. You can simply ask them. And rather spend your valuable time planning on how to exceed those expectations.

Romity now provides you with another tool in your data collection arsenal. It is ideal for situations where the avoidance of people forming long queues to provide data or feedback is paramount. It is also well suited for scenarios in which your target audience is widely scattered and perhaps unknown or undefined.

The ubiquitous nature of the USSD technology makes it a very low cost solution to deploy. Almost all phones in current operation have the ability dial USSD shortcode. This means that no special or additional hardware is needed to deploy the technology.

It gives you the ability to engage clients, customers or audience beyond their direct encounter with your service. For example, a bank can collect feedback from a customer soon after making an ATM withdrawal.