Opine is a data aggregation service which is accessible on any GSM phone. Opine turns any mobile phone into a powerful tool for collectng data, filling forms, participating in polls, surveys and much more. Opine runs on our robust Data Aggregation Engine, Romity, and delivers surveys, polls and forms through USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data). USSD is available on any every GSM mobile device. This means that with Opine, you can get up close and personal with each member of your audience or each customer through their mobile phones. Best of all, its completely free for your users. They do not pay any network charges!

Opine leverages 3 key technologies: Romity, Mobile Devices and USSD. These 3 technologies make it possible to have rich interactions with mobile phone users, with or without internet connectivity. Current approaches for collecting data through polls or forms require you to use web surveys tools, web forms or mobile app. Accessibility to these tools require internet access. For those with internect connectivity, they must first download you mobile app. All of these increase the chances of users NOT patronizing your polls or forms. However, this is where Opine gives you an edge.

  • Opine does not require internet access.
  • Opine does not require users to download a special software on their phones.

Opine can run on any GSM-enabled mobile device. Amazing, isn't it? This is because every GSM mobile device already comes equipped with USSD. Coupled with our Romity data aggregation service, you can collect data and interact with anyone, anywhere and on any mobile device.

Its easy to get up and running with Opine.

  1. Design your form or survey in Romity.
  2. Deploy your forms to Romity Server.
  3. Request a USSD Short Code.
  4. Notify your users of USSD short code.
  5. View any analyze data using Romity Dashboard in real-time as users submit forms from their mobile.
  1. Market Research Companies
  2. Businesses and Corporate Organizations
  3. Event Planners and Organizers
  4. NGO's and Social Organizations
  5. Academic Researchers

and so many others...

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Dial *714*222# on your mobile phone now to try Opine. Opine is currently available on Vodafone, MTN and Airtel in Ghana.


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